We once received a call from a teacher applicant asking about our in-home piano lessons program. She said she was concerned about driving to students' homes and putting in all those miles. She had a deep conviction about limiting her miles in her car to help the environment. We at Starlight LOVE in-home music lessons, and we know that many of our teachers and customers prefer to limit their time in their car as much as possible. So, we at Starlight decided to take her concern to heart and put it to the test. We did a case study of an average teacher's schedule and distance traveled and this is what we discovered.


How does a student taking in-home lessons result in less miles on the road overall? Let's take a look at an actual teacher's in-home lesson schedule and compare it to if those same students drove to a studio.
Teacher's Schedule:
3:00-3:30 Student A
3:45-4:15 Student B
4:30-5:00 Student C
5:15-5:45 Student D
6:00-7:00 Students E & F (siblings)
Let's assume the teacher lives 10 miles away from student A and 10 miles away from Students E & F. In addition, the teacher will drive an average of 5 miles between each house. Therefore, 40 miles will be driven for the six students above.

Now, let's discuss what were to happen if all six of the above students went to a studio for lessons. The average person will drive between 6-10 miles or more each way to get to a studio. Let's assume they travel an average of 7.5 miles each way to get to a studio. These six students (five families), would therefore be on the road for a total of 75 miles!

You can see by the above numbers that taking lessons in your home not only makes your life easier and decreases the amount of time you have to spend on the road, it cuts the total miles traveled by 53%! What an easy way to Go Green!

Want to know how you can "Go Green" with Starlight Music Lessons?

1. In-home Lessons mean fewer miles on the road overall... in fact, it decreases overall miles traveled by 53% making in-home lessons a very eco-friendly option!
2. Starlight Music Lessons invoices and sends sign-up paperwork via email, not via paper and mail.
3. Teachers are paid via direct deposit, eliminating the use of paper checks, envelopes and postage.
4. 95% of parent/company communication is done via email or phone. We only mail paperwork and announcements if they are of an extremely important nature.

Enroll today to enjoy even more reasons to LOVE in-home music lessons with Starlight Music Lessons!