How do I enroll in In-Home Music Lessons?
Simply click on ENROLL. Tell us about your needs and we’ll match you with an exceptional teacher!

Do you have a studio location?
We are an in-home lesson program and put our focus on lessons in students’ homes. The in-home experience is so beneficial to the student. If you aren’t familiar with the benefits of in-home lessons, take a look at our articles here:
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Benefits of Taking Music Lessons At Home
Piano Lessons At Home  

How often are lessons?
Lessons are held once per week, at the same day/time each week. For example, every Wednesday from 5:00-5:45. Weekly lessons are ideal, allowing the student to practice in between each lesson; therefore, we only offer weekly lessons and do not offer every-other-week lessons. If you need to reschedule a lesson, just give the teacher 48 hours’ notice and he/she will reschedule for you. Please see our Lesson Policies page for more information about rescheduling and cancelling lessons.

How long should my lessons be?

Starlight allows you to choose how long you want your weekly music lessons to be: 30-minutes, 45-minutes or 60-minutes.

How long the lessons should be depends on the age of the student, their current skill level, and attention span. Keep in mind that although your child might not usually sit still for 30-minutes, a 30-minute music lesson is usually not a problem even for active children, as the lesson is very active and the student is always engaged, never sitting still listening to a lecture. Additionally, teachers can change focus if they notice their student's attention is wandering.

Use the following as a rough guideline for determining how long your lessons should be, but please contact us if you would like advice on your specific situation.

Children ages 3-6 should almost always have 30-minute lessons.
Young beginners (roughly ages 5-10): 30-minute lessons are typically best.

Beginners and intermediate students ages 10-15: 30-minute or 45-minute lessons can be chosen.

Beginners and intermediate students ages 15 through adult: 45-minute or 60-minute lessons are best, but 30-minute lessons can be offered if time or budget constraints prevent longer lessons.

Late-intermediate and Advanced students should take 45-minute or 60-minute lessons.

Students doing serious audition preparation or preparing for a college music program need at least 45-minute lessons, with 60-minute lessons strongly recommended.

Do you bring an instrument to my house?
It is your responsibility to provide your own instrument. You'll want to have this instrument to practice on so you can keep improving.

Is the teacher coming to my home background checked?
Yes! All teachers must pass a strict background check before working with Starlight Music Lessons. Learn more about our selection process HERE.

Can we do lessons every-other-week or once per month, or trade students out each week?
Lessons are held weekly for the student’s benefit. It has been proven that the best learning happens when students have a lesson once per week and practice in between the lessons. One week is the perfect time in between lessons to allow for optimal retention and growth. Therefore, we do not offer every-other-week or once-per-month lessons. Likewise, students cannot share a lesson slot (i.e. Johnny takes the lesson one week, Susie takes the lesson the next week). We feel strongly that every-other-week lessons is a waste of the customer's money and time and will only serve to frustrate the student. For those who feel too busy for weekly lessons, remember that taking in-home lessons saves you time by not having to travel. For those who are looking for a cost savings, remember that you can earn a free month of lessons when you refer customers to us. Only 12 referrals means free lessons year round. See our Referral Page for details.

What kind of piano or keyboard should we have?
Please visit our STORE page for Buying Guides, specific instrument recommendations, and purchase opportunities.

What materials and equipment do I need for in-home music lessons?
You will need your own instrument.
You will need books to work out of. Wait until you meet your teacher to purchase books. Your teacher will tell you the best books for you and guide you in the process of purchasing them.
In most cases, you will need to provide a chair for the teacher to sit on near your instrument, and keep the lesson area free from distractions.

Besides lesson tuition, what other costs are there?
Starlight Music Lessons never charges registration fees, sign-up fees, or "Just-Because-We-Can" Fees!
In addition to tuition, there are a couple of additional, nominal costs associated with learning an instrument:

-An instrument: It is essential and required that you have your own instrument to practice on when the teacher isn't there. See our Store page for instrument recommendations if you do not already own an instrument.
-Books: All students, regardless of instrument, age or skill level, require books and/or sheet music of some sort to work from. Your teacher will determine which materials are best for you. Once your teacher tells you which materials you need, return to our Store page to purchase your book package.
Most beginner instrumental students will need 2-4 curriculum books per level, for a typical total cost of about $20-$30 for the set. Depending on how much the student practices and their natural abilities, beginners typically need new books every 6-12 months.
-Recitals: Starlight is known for fun and engaging recitals that are motivating and enjoyable for performers and audience members alike. For those who participate in our recitals, there is a nominal recital fee that helps pay for the recital hall, reception food, etc. It usually ranges from $45-$75 per student, depending on the type of recital and the venue costs. We do NOT charge ticket fees for audience members. Your recital fee is your only cost for participating in our recitals. Click here to learn more about our  Music Recitals.

I want to enroll my pre-school aged child in lessons. How do I know if he or she is ready?
In general, students should be able to read numbers 1-5 and letters A-G. Students should also be potty trained and be able to carry on a conversation. There are specific requirements for individual instruments. Contact us for questions about specific instruments. 

What kind of commitment do I have to make?
When you enroll, you have the option of choosing to commit to the remainder of the calendar month upon starting, or committing to only a trial lesson to start with.
On an ongoing basis, you commit to one calendar month at a time. To stop lessons, you must inform us no later than the 28th of the month prior to the month you want to stop. For example, to stop lessons in October, you must notify the office no later than September 28th.
Please see our Lesson Policies for full information about your commitment.

What if we don't like our teacher?
Because we screen our teachers thoroughly and carefully listen to what our students are requesting in a teacher, this generally doesn’t happen. You can minimize the changes of not liking your teacher by being very specific in your enrollment form when describing your preferences.
If you decide that the teacher you are working with is not for you, simply contact our office. We will listen to what is working well and what is not so we can better understand what you are looking for and match you with a better fit. 

What if you don't have a teacher available in my area?
If we don’t currently have a teacher available in your area, we will find one for you! We will work feverishly to ensure you are taken care of ASAP. We offer Online Lessons via webcam to those who are waiting for an in-home teacher so they can get started right away. While we do not offer Online Lessons on an ongoing basis (the in-person element is just too important to give up!), we do offer them to waitlist students so they can begin learning while waiting for a great match for an in-home teacher.

Do you offer discount pricing for groups/churches/schools/organizations?
Yes! We have a fabulous donation program. In exchange for spreading the word to your group, school, organization, company or church, we will donate part of our proceeds to your group! Contact our office at 214-477-8006 or info@starlightmusiclessons.com for more information!