Did you know you could be getting your music lessons for free?

Referral Program


Earn FREE Music Lessons

Our referral program allows YOU to earn FREE MUSIC LESSONS as often as you want! It's easy!

For every enrolling family you refer, you'll receive a free month of music lessons!*

A few families have not paid full price for lessons for months in a row due to spreading the word about Starlight Music Lessons!

Let's say you hand out Starlight Music Lessons business cards to 10 of your neighbors. Let's say four of those neighbors enroll in lessons. That's four months of FREE lessons you will receive!  

 And ... There is no limit to the amount of students you can get referral credits for! 

Consider Contacting:   Friends, neighbors, your child's schoolmates, your child's teachers, your church group, your co-workers, sports team mates.  

Remember, we offer lessons on almost any instrument in the entire Dallas/Fort Worth area! Think big and you could be getting your music lessons for free!  

We are happy to supply business cards, fliers or brochures to anyone interested in passing them out. Be sure to write your name on the card so those who receive it know to credit you for the referral. 

You can pass out our business cards (that we will supply) to:   

  • Grocery Stores   
  • Your church  
  • Library Bulletin Boards   
  • Bulletin Boards at local businesses such as coffee shops, dry cleaners, etc   
  • Your gym   
  • Other extra-curricular activity centers like tutoring centers, pre-schools, after- school care centers, sports facilities, etc.   

* Note: Your free month of lessons comes in the form of a lesson credit equal to the regular monthly tuition you pay for one student. You will receive this free month of lessons after your referral completes their third month of lessons with us. This lesson credit is not redeemable for cash or refund. If you refer more than one student at a time, lesson credit will be used toward future months, as credits cannot be redeemed for cash or refund. Students who discontinue lessons for any period of time will lose any referral credits they have gained. If you are taking lessons as part of a group, the referral credit does not apply to adding an additional student to your own group.