Our Program in a nutshell

Save Time. Save on Gas. And Enjoy The Comfort Of Your Own Home.

Lessons are educational, enjoyable and professional. Music lessons bring out confidence and create happiness and a sense of accomplishment. Enjoy the benefits of music lessons combined with the ease and convenience of having us come to you! All lessons are held weekly, at the same time and day each week (though there is flexibility for changing schedules). 


Starlight Music Lessons was started by a music teacher, not a big impersonal corporation. You will see this difference when you work with our teachers and our office staff.
In our decades of music lessons, we have found that there are three types of families: 

  1. Those who want lessons to push their child as hard as possible for a specific goal, regardless of the child's enjoyment or interests;  
  2. Those who look at lessons as an activity while Mom & Dad get some free time;
  3. Those who are looking for a balance of enjoyment and education, wanting their children to learn and grow musically, academically and personally, while also enjoying themselves.

The latter is the type of program Starlight Music Lessons offers. We screen our teachers thoroughly to ensure lessons strike a perfect balance between enjoyment and education. Our instructors are true teachers at heart with teaching being a passion in their lives. We strive to work only with those who desire to be teaching first and foremost, not those who are teaching just to earn money between gigs.  When you contact our office, you won't be talking to a sales person. You'll be talking to music teachers, parents of music students and even current or former music students. Our staff intimately understands the lesson process and can help guide you in making choices for your family that best serve your needs, not the needs of a sales person's monthly quotas. The grand tradition of music lessons is to offer a very personal experience for each student. Starlight Music Lessons is large enough to offer you choices, service and flexibility, but small enough to treat our students and teachers like people, not numbers. Enroll now and see the difference Starlight Music Lessons offers its musical community.

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Our Story

Starlight Music Lessons is operated out of the Dallas/Fort Worth area (Grapevine, TX) and continues to uphold an excellent local and national reputation. Starlight Music Lessons has been featured in several Dallas/Fort Worth and National Publications for its unique program offerings. The owner has been interviewed for business magazines to offer advice to readers on how to start up, grow and maintain a successful, thriving and firmly-rooted business with honesty, integrity and solid financials as its core values. See IN THE NEWS for more information.

Starlight Music Lessons' office staff are current and former teachers, as well as current and former parents of music students! The advice you get from our office staff comes from people who understand where you are coming from and from our years of experience in the music teaching field. We are teachers at heart and our instructors are a step above!

ENROLL NOW and become part of the Starlight Difference.