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Instrument Buying Guide

Piano / Keyboard Buying Guide

We believe that in most cases, an acoustic piano is the best option for a piano student. However, we understand that not all families are able to, or want to, invest in an acoustic piano when first starting lessons. For these families, we recommend the following when purchasing a keyboard:


Touch sensitive keys (sometimes called touch response).

At least 76 keys (88 is full size)

The ability to plug in a sustain/damper pedal for when it's needed.

A keyboard will ideally will have weighted keys. This means that the keys are harder to push down, like an acoustic piano. This is a good thing regardless of the student's age or ability, and important for developing finger strength and proper technique.

A keyboard stand and keyboard bench are also required in order to place the student's hands and arms at the appropriate height, giving them the ability to develop proper technique. Please DO NOT invest in a keyboard and lessons, only to skip these two important accessories and use a kitchen chair and a table!

Guitar Buying Guide

Guitar students will need to decide if they want an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar.

Guitar students need the following accessories:




A guitar stand and/or bag are also strongly recommended so you have a safe place to store your guitar when not in use.