Music Lessons for Pre-Schoolers


Pre-School Piano Lessons in Your Home

We are thrilled to offer pre-school piano classes in your home. We offer fun and exciting Pre-K Piano Lessons designed to give children ages 3-6 an introduction to music and the piano. 

Students will learn age-appropriate piano skills, including: note reading, rhythm performance and reading, dynamics, listening skills, piano technique and much more!  

Pre-School Piano Lessons are 30-minutes long and may be taken privately, or in a group.

How It Works

* Lessons occur once per week in your home.
* Pre-School Piano Lessons are 30-minutes long, whether they are private or group.
* To get started, simply fill out the enrollment form. We'll listen to you and match you with a great teacher based on personality, teaching style and schedule. Our one-of-a-kind Practice Pals and Lesson programs will get you on the road to learning the instrument of your dreams!
*You pay only for your first lesson upfront. No registration fees! If your teacher isn't quite what you had in mind, let us know and we'll match you with a teacher better suited for your family.

PRIVATE Pre-K Music Lessons

Private lessons for pre-schoolers are 30-minutes long and are held once per week in your home. 

We will match you with a teacher who is great with young children and your curriculum will be customized for your child's age and abilities.

GROUP Pre-K Music Lessons

Group Pre-School Piano Classes are 30-minutes long and are held once per week in your home. Group classes have special guidelines:

* Because we come to your home and offer lessons across DFW, we are unable to find fellow group members for you. If you want Group Piano Classes, you must find friends and neighbors who want to join you for the class. Please enroll with your group members after you have organized a group.

* A minimum of 2 children are required for group classes, maximum of 4.

*Group classes are designed ONLY for beginners ages 3-6 with no experience. They are not appropriate for older students or those with previous instruction.

FAQs about our Pre-K Program

I want to enroll my child in Pre-K Piano lessons. How do I know if he or she is ready?
In general, students should be able to read numbers 1-5 and letters A-G. Students should also be potty trained and be able to carry on a conversation, as well as have an interest in the piano.

If there are three people in our group, and we take 30-minute lessons, would my child only get 10 minutes of instruction?
This is a common question. Children will be learning and actively involved for the entire lesson. Your instructor will not simply do 3 private lessons in 30 minutes. Rather, all three students will be learning for all 30 minutes. Sometimes students play at the same time. Sometimes students take turns playing while those not playing are counting, naming notes or performing other skill-building exercises. Additionally, students will learn from each other, augmenting the learning experience.