Our Music Teachers


Our Selection Process

Starlight Music Lessons is a different lesson company, and you can see the difference in our teachers.

We are owned and operated by teachers. Those who are responsible for screening, interviewing and hiring our teachers are also teachers themselves. Because we are music teachers, we know better than anyone how to screen out applicants who aren’t truly proficient musicians. We know how to spot the real TEACHERS AT HEART who hold teaching as their passion and weed out those who look at teaching as just a way to make some money between gigs. We actually listen to our applicants play their instrument(s) to ensure they truly know how to play! We take time to learn about each applicant’s teaching philosophy and personality

Our teachers go through an exhaustive selection process:

* Thorough application and resume required
* Interview and audition on all instruments they will be teaching
* Music theory test if they do not have a music degree
* Reference check from at least three people familiar with their work
* Background check and Identity Check (must supply government issued IDs)
* Contract agreeing to stay with Starlight Music Lessons for at least a year to reduce turnover for you, the student.
* Two or more staff members sign off on the applicant before offering a contract (one being the owner of the company!) Yes, every applicant has been approved by the company’s owner!

Many of our teaching applicants have come to us after being offered a contract with the competition after only a 15 minute phone interview. They appreciate our attention to excellence and desire to be part of a company that values quality. 

Private Music Lessons are offered in your home.  Enroll today and we'll match you with a teacher based not just on your schedule, but on personality and teaching style. We invite you to experience the Starlight Music Lessons difference today!

Teacher Background & Education Requirements

Our teachers have degrees in Music, or the equivalent experience and education.

If a teacher does not have a degree in music, they go through further testing and evaluation to ensure thorough knowledge of their instrument and music in general. Those without music degrees or a teaching background also attend a thorough training program teaching the basics of teaching, how to introduce difficult concepts and dealing with challenges that come up along the way.

Starlight is owned and operated by teachers. So even the most seasoned Starlight teachers have experienced teachers to turn to when they need assistance and ideas.