Online Jumpstart Lessons


On a Waitlist? Let's Get You Started Anyway!

For students who are waiting for a teacher, we provide Online Jumpstart Lessons. We are partial to the in-home lesson atmosphere, but we know how it is when you are excited to start lessons and don't want to wait! If you are waiting for a teacher  to become available, let's get you started with online lessons. Lessons are private, one on one with a teacher, done over Skype or FaceTime.  You'll get the same quality Starlight instruction, while you wait for your in-person in-home lessons!

Note: Online lessons are meant to be a temporary situation while you wait for an in-person teacher to become available. We do not offer online lessons as a permanent lesson solution.

Pricing for Online Jumpstart Lessons

30-minute weekly online lessons: $130/month

45-minute weekly online lessons: $195/month

60-minute weekly online lessons: $260/month